As most of us college students prepare for finals, people all around the word are preparing for the World Cup. The people in Brazil are more than ready, not only for the tournament but for better education. Brazilians are still in riots over their politics, Education is falling more and more off the global average. Brazil has spent so much money on not only the world cup, but also the 2016 summer Olympics. Yet apparently they do not have enough money to acquire better education for their underlings. This just shows how big futbol is in south America, that it is the priority over better education. The world cup is officially 50 days away, kicking off on June 12th, just 50 days!!! I will miss the opener between Brazil and Croatia, and possibly the biggest game in the group stage, Spain vs. Netherlands because I will be working camp. Very disappointing but it will be ok. However, my main focus at this point is to be ready for finals so I can make the best GPA possible. Hopefully I will make a 3.6 this semester, which follows the same the ladder semester. If I am going to transfer to Baylor next spring, I need to transfer with a 3.7 so it will be quite close. Get excited for the World cup people, only 50 days.