During this first year of college I have learned a lot. However, ittle has been learned in a classroom desk, but most has been learned by experience. Now that my freshman year is coming to a close it is safe to say that UMHB is a great choice if you want higher Christian education. I enjoyed taking the new testament and old testament courses, and also enjoyed my Wednesdays at 11:00. Going into the fall semester of my sophomore year, I expected my course load to be much tougher, but turns out next semester is going to be awesome! I have a 12, 1, 2 o’cock on MWF consisting of business classes. Nothing on Tuesday and Thursday and an online art appreciation class. These courses along with the soccer season makes me rather excited. This summer I plan to not waste a second. From May – June I will be volunteering my time at Kanakuk, a Christian sports camp in Branson Missouri, I will also volunteer at a younglife retreat in Colorado, and travel to Bermuda with my UMHB soccer team. All these will be fun, but the majority of my excitement is that from June 12 – July 13 I will not miss a second of the FIFA World Cup. As I have said, I am rooting for Belgium, hoping that they can make a Cinderella story and shock the world. Although this will probably not happen because the soccer gods of Spain will more than likely run over everyone, which is not so bad because Spain are one of my favorites as well. The reason I write about college in this blog is to say that I am glad the world cup is during the summer rather than a semester. One of the biggest things I have learned this year is that a college student has zero time for tv if he/she wants to have a social life, and not gain the freshman 15. I am excited that school is almost over for the year, however I will miss this class.