I chosee this topic for a number of reasons. For one, ive played for as long as i can remember and I love watching games professionally. My favorite teams incliude Belgium, Spain, and of course the powerhouse of the United States. When i say powerhouse I say that jokingly of course, because the U.S is horrible. We are however, getting better each year but this world cup is definitely not going to our year. We play our first three games agaisnt Germany, whom is number 3 in the world, Portugal, who is #7 in the world, and Ghana whom we have never beaten. So basically we are screwed and will be lucky if we even score more than one goal. Belgium are full with upcoming young players that have potential to be the best in the world. And Spain of course are on the hottest hot streak there has ever been in late soccer history. Spain won the 2008 European Cup, the 2010 Fifa World Cup, and the 2012 European Cup. It is safe to say they are the favorites facing Brazil and Germany. My hope for this world cup is that belgium will make the final four and that the final will bring an amazing show with the spaniards victorious. That is why i chose this topic, because of the adrenaline this one month creates.