In this article I will talk about why the FIFA World cup came to be, and why it is the #1 watched event in the world. FIFA was founded in 1904 in France, standing for Federation Internationale de Football Association. The need for this organization became apparent to the leaders of the soccer world in the late 20th century. Immediately Spain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, France, and Belgium joined the association. Ever since, Fifa has grown into the most notable sport association in the world. Headquartered in Zurich, FIFA has six subordinate football associations, one for each continent. The board of FIFA enforces the laws , rules, and punishment from the teams involved to the fans. As I said in my previous account the FIFA World Cup began in 1930. Its reasoning during its inaugural opening almost resembled the reasoning behind the Olympic Games. To unite the many nations of the world through competition and create peace through their competitiveness, just replace “games” with only futbol; and the best 32 at that. Another reason behind the creation of the World Cup was of course the economics behind it. As I have talked about before, the World Cup generates a ridiculous amount of revenue. However, the cost to build for this enormous tournament is also incredibly expensive, making the profit not as much as it could be. The world cup is the #1 event watched in the world every four years. The final doubles the amount of viewers the Super Bowl and the Oscars brings combined. And the amount of viewers within the one month of the world cup is incomparable. Why is that? it is because soccer (football) is the most prevalent sport in the world, it is the sport of the common people. We can conclude that the answer to the question I posed in the title is that FIFA successfully brings together the many nations of the world while also creating an economic whirlwind. Image