This article focuses primarily on the previous World Cups of the past years, because the 2014 tournament in Brazil is planning to out-do these world cups I am going to be talking about. The FIFA world cup officially started in 1930 when Uruguay hosted the inaugural Cup. Only four European teams made the long sea journey down to the host nation, only to be beaten by the South American teams. Uruguay beat their neighbors Argentina in the Final to win the first World Cup ever. Funfact: USA placed third in the tournament and since have never been in the final four. Next in 1934, Italy hosted the Cup and followed through by beating Czechoslovakia to win the Cup. Italy would win again 4 years later beating Hungary when France hosted the tournament. Brazil hosted the 1950 Cup and were beat by Uruguay in the final, this was the last Cup brazil had hosted before this year. At this point the World Cup was extremely popular quickly coming to be the most watched month of any type of entertainment every four years. The next victors include, Germany 1954, Brazil 1958, Brazil 1962, England as a host country in 1966, Brazil again in 1970, Germany 1974, Argentina 1978, Italy 1982, Argentina 1986, and Germany in 1990. Now we are in our lifetime, in 1994 The United States hosted the most successful World Cup in history up to that point. Brazil would beat Italy in the finals to win the cup, the games were played from California all the to New York. The last four victors have been France in 1998, Brazil in 2002, Germany in 2006 and finally the best team in the world Spain won in South Africa in 2010. Brazil has the best record followed by Italy and Argentina. This years world cup is going to be a good one, Spain are favorites because they haven’t lost since 2008, however Germany are also favorites because they have 10 of the top 25 best players in the world. Not to mention Brazil, don’t be surprised if they win it all, having one of the best goal-scorers in the world and an entire nation backing them up, this World cup is going to be the best one yet. Go USA.