The 2014 FIFA World Cup will undoubtedly bring in an immeasurable amount of money and revenue into the businesses of Brazil, but the question is if it will bring a profit to Brazil as a whole? The world cup will accompany 32 of the best countries from around the world. From South America, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Chile will be competing. From North America, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and the United States will be there. From Europe, Spain, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Germany, Greece, Russia, Portugal, and Iran. From Asia you have Japan, Australia, and Korea. Finally from Africa the teams competing are Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Nigeria, and Cameroon.  Of these 32 nations I see that barring the African nations and a few others, every Country will travel to brazil in considerable numbers. 2.3 million tickets have already been sold and they expect that to double by June. Of those 4 million tickets, over 3 million will need to buy plane tickets, hotels, food, and miscellaneous souvenirs from beautiful Brazil. According to history, the average revenue a world cup makes will allow Brazil to make within a million dollars of the cost. So if Brazil will or will not profit is the question everyone is asking. There is no way we can really know 100%, but economists will have a close idea. Its going to be close, it all depends on the European nations and if they show up in full force or not.