For the 2014 Fifa World Cup, Brazil has developed a playground of stadiums. Presenting 12 different host cities with a stadium named to each. These sites include stadiums like, Arena Da Baixada (Curtiba), Arena Purnambuco (Recife), Arena de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo), and Estadio Maracano (Rio de Janeiro). The cost of building these 12 stadiums has surpassed all expectations, costing Brazil over 3.4 billion dollars just for the stadiums and the total preparation for the World Cup costing around 14 billion dollars. Prices that have been unheard of to this point, and prices that Brazil’s politics do not have the assets for. The biggest news so far in the construction of these stadiums came on November 27th in Sao Paulo when a portion of the stadium collapsed. Three causualties were accounted for during the collapse. Although officials say that the stadium will be ready for the opening game on June 12, no one believes it. In conclusion, six out of the twelve stadiums being built in Brazil are still in construction making it difficult to say for sure if they will be ready to start on time.